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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday in Puerto Vallarta

The World Access Project team joined worship at a local church in Puerto Vallarta. Laura enjoyed singing in Spanish. While she can speak a little Spanish, it helped that the words projected on the wall. I’m sure our high school Spanish teacher would be very proud. She says it was just like a worship service in the US with modern praise songs. As soon as she stepped into the church she knew God was there. The church provided headsets with an English translation of the sermon and served them lunch afterwards. Laura felt so honored the way they were treated.

There are 16 in the group. Laura knows several as she has done their travel arrangements. A few are from Mexico who may help with translation. They’ve split up into teams. Some learn to interview and help figure out the best assistive device for the user. They also have walkers, and crutches along with the 50 wheelchairs. They even have brought parts for repairs.

One member of the group has brought her husband wheelchair to giveaway. He husband passed away recently and is looking forward to meeting the recipient of his chair. I hope they are ready with tissues for the tears.

They start giving out wheelchairs, crutches, walkers and canes Monday.

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