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Friday, May 23, 2014

The Value of Travel Insurance

We recently had a client who was traveling overseas looking forward to a tour. Her flight there was uneventful. She hadn’t even left the airport when another woman suddenly collapsed knocking them both to the ground. Even worse they were on a moving escalator. She received excellent doctoring afterwards and was able to continue her tour with the help of a wheelchair. However, by the end of her trip she was still in so much pain a doctor was called in. The doctor insisted that she could not withstand the long journey back to the US in the seated upright “coach” position. They contacted the travel insurance company and they provided her with a first class ticket to return home. Now she could take the 18 hour flight fully reclined and without extreme pain.
We’re so thankful she was able to continue her tour, for the local tour leader who helped her find the care she needed, and thankful we offered her travel insurance so she was able to come home comfortably and safely.
We have many versions of Travel Insurance available. We have special policies designed for short and longer term missionaries. Many policies include emergency evacuation for extreme medical issues. Since many tickets are now non-refundable and non-changeable, travel insurance can help with that risk, too.
When planning your next trip, be sure and ask about Travel Insurance. There’s better coverage for pre-existing conditions if purchased at the same time as your tickets.