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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It pays to have a travel agent batting for you

We got a call from “Brand X” airline Friday afternoon. X says they have a extremely delayed a flight for two of our clients, and could they take an earlier flight. Sounds like an ok idea, if they called maybe a day before…
  • but it was a few hours until their expected flight…
  • The earlier flight was leaving in about an hour
  • And the clients were an hour away from the airport…
  • And this was the first leg of a flight, so they would miss their connections.
We quickly looked at the flight schedules and saw the only other flight that would work would be on a different airline. After some coercion, we convinced “Brand X” airline to put them on “Brand Y” airline, so they could make their connections. The good news is they made it and are now ministering in Mexico.

We like keeping our happy clients happy! … and keeping them going into All the World.
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