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Thursday, August 27, 2009

All the World Travel is now on Twitter.com

We are now Twittering at http://twitter.com/AllTheWorldTrav. We would love to have you following us. Note that our business name is cutoff since it's too long according to the Big Tweet. ;-) One nice thing about Twitter, is you don't have to join to view it. You can even sign up for RSS just like you can with this blog.
We're working on our Facebook page, but it's still in development. Doesn't saying "in development" make it sounds so very official?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pet Airways

July 14th, 2009, flight 1101 flew from Chicago to LA. What’s so unusual about that? The cabin was filled with pets. It was the first day of “pawsenger” service for Pet Airways.

They don’t fly people, just their pets. It’s certainly not unusual for people to travel with pets, whether a small one under the seat or the larger hounds in cargo. But what is a niche for Pet Airways is that instead of pets being shipped like a suitcase, or crammed under the seat, they are cared for in the main cabin. Attendants check on them, making sure they are both drinking and… a-hem… "getting potty breaks". Pets can even check in days early if needed. This is a real vacation saver for those families where a vacation wouldn’t be the same without their pet. Some just plain miss Bowser or worry if Fluffly is being cared for properly.

Right now, Pet Airways only flies between New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles. They hope to expand to other cities soon. Pet Airways seemed to be a hit right away as there was so much traffic to their website, their internet servers went down.

Our poor kitties had traumatic flights to and from Alaska. Waiting on the tarmac in the snow, getting a cage shaped crease on kitty’s nose, and being in the cargo hold when a dog got loose in the hold. It's nice to see a better way for them to fly. Pet Airways even keeps dogs and cats in separate areas.

Pet Airways closed in 2011.

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