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Monday, June 7, 2010

MercyWorks Still Working in Haiti

Months have passed since Haiti's deadly earthquake. We're so glad to have been a small part in helping the doctors, nurses and other heath aides to Haiti. As of today, All the World Travel has ticketed over 100 to Haiti. We're thankful to American Airlines for their extreme flexibility in the many scheduling changes. Later there were airport changes, too, as the Port Au Prince airport was able to reopen. Early MercyWorks volunteers had to fly into neighboring Dominican Republic, followed by a slow 13-hour road trip across the border to Haiti.
It is heartwarming hearing the stories of doctors calling MercyWorks out of the blue, looking for a way to get to Haiti. The word was out that MercyWorks could get them there. The doctors, nurses and other medical volunteers even pay their own way.
A smile came to our faces and sometimes tears to our eyes when we would get a noisy cell call from one of "my" people in Haiti. When we think of "my" people, it's not ownership, but honor-ship. We care personally about our clients, customers, travelers, missionaries... all who take God's call to go into All The World.

Here's a video report from MercyWorks Lexie Waters filed from Haiti.

The need for help is still great.  Please continue to pray for the MercyWorks teams, the Haitian people and other volunteers. For specific prayer needs, go here. Consider making a financial donation to MercyWorks online, or pray about volunteering yourself.  For more information, email mercy@ywamtyler.org or see their full contact information here.