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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Children of the Dump

While most people think of sun and fun when they hear about Puerto Vallarta, can you imagine being so poor you live in a dump? Now imagine, needing a wheelchair and not having one.
To distribute 50 wheelchairs to the impoverished in the area this week, World Access Project is partnering with an organization called Children of the Dump. Many poor families live in the area around a huge dump outside the sunny streets of Puerto Vallarta. The poor had to live off scraps they found in the dump. The Children of the Dump organization runs a school and provides 600 meals a day. Their School of Champions teaches computer skills, math and English to those who have no resources to such training.
Thanks to their work, and financial help from Canadians, Americans and Mexicans, there are no longer children living or working in the dump. However, due to the fear of H1N1 virus and the down turned economy, many have lost their tourism based jobs. Tourism is the major industry bringing in about 2.2 million a year.
Please help World Access Project and Children of the Dump financially. You can even help the people by bringing your tourist dollars to Puerto Vallarta, and of course we can help you with that at All the World Travel. They do have 345 days of sun a year! Email us or call 360-266-8747.
More on Laura’s mission trip to Puerto Vallarta coming up here, as well as tweets on Twitter.

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